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The Correct Way to Play By Ear

I want you to imagine something for a second. It sounds wierd, but imagine we lived in a universe where only 3 pitches existed. Middle C, D, and E. Thats it. Your piano is about 6 inches long. Now let me ask you something...

Could you play by ear if only these 3 pitches existed?

Of course! It'd be easy! There are only 3 possible notes, so it'd be pretty simple to learn any song by ear.

So what if you mastered those notes. Practiced them for 3 or 4 days. To the point it was so easy you were bored with them. Then I told you, "Ok these 3 are pretty easy. Lets add just 2 more notes."

Again, it'd be easy to learn! After all, it's just 2 new notes. Then you master those 5 notes. Then we add two more. And two more. And two more. 

And next thing you know you're playing by ear. That's the right way to learn. That's how I learned to play by ear in my College Aural Skills course. And that's how you should learn too if you want to make improvement.

The Play By Ear Mastery course does just that. First gives you examples with just a couple notes. Then a couple more. Then a couple more. So you can learn without frusteration.

Playing By Ear Using "Hook Patterns"

Now, while you're learning to play by ear the fundamental way (see above), there are also little tricks that'll rapidly speed your progress.

Techniques like learning intervals, "Left Hand theory" (this makes it significantly easier to learn the harmony of a song), and my personal favorite... "Hook Patterns."

After covering over 100 songs, I figured out something interesting...

There are a couple of patterns that almost every song uses.

I call these patterns "Hook Patterns", because if you memorize these 5 patterns really well, the instant you hear one in a song you'll instantly know where it is on the keyboard. It'll "Hook" into your mind.

And since 95% of songs contain at least one of these hook patterns, you'll have your starting point for almost every song.

These tricks, if you learn them well, can more than double your speed of learning a song by ear.

Rock Solid In Front of an Audience

Songs you've learned by ear will hold up 10X as solid in front of an audience as songs you learned from reading muisc. Why? Simple. auditory memory is MUCH stronger than visual memory. Let me prove it to you...
I want you to think of a song you know right now that you learned by reading sheet music.
Now imagine I gave you a blank sheet of staff paper and told you, "I want you to notate your entire song out, note for note." Be honest with me. Do you think you could do it??

I know I couldn't. And if I could, it would take an extreme amount of mental energy. Now let me ask you one more question...

Think of that same song. If I told you to hum the song, could you do it?

Of course. It's easy. In fact, I bet you could hum songs back to me that you learned years ago!

Why? Because Auditory Memory is MUCH more powerful than visual memory (in fact, science shows it's the 2nd most powerful form of memory right behind your sense of smell).

So it holds up strong in front of an audience and will eliminate memory slips. You just need to learn to transfer the notes you can hear in your mind onto the piano.

And not only that... But you'll remember the song years later! Isn't it annoying when you learn a song completely... only to find a couple of months later you can only kind of play the song?

And it'll take a couple days of practicing to re-learn the song you already learned.

I was sick of doing that. But playing by ear solved that for me.

Become a Music Theory Genius

Oh, here's another cool thing to know. If you know your theory, it makes learning to play by ear 10 times easier. That's why I bundle my Music Theory Mastery course free with the Play By Ear Mastery course.
Here's how it works. Music theory can help you narrow down the list of possible pitches that come next when learning to play by ear.
Here's an example (note: some of this stuff may be over your head, but once you take the Theory course it'll all make sense!):
You start out with 88 possible notes. But knowing your theory, you realize there are just 12 notes that repeat. Then you know you're playing in the key of, for example, G. That narrows it down to just 7 notes (G A B C D E and F#). Then you know the song starts on a G Major chord. So you know the note is likely either G, B, or D.
So now you've narrowed down 88 notes to the 3 most likely notes.
Makes it a bit easier, don't ya think.

Playing by Ear is Like... Lemonade Stands?

What does a lemonade stand have to do with learning to play by ear? It has to do with this simple concept. Are you willing to make an investment in the short term to succeed in the long run?
Here's what I mean. Imagine you have a lemonade stand. Every day you go to the bottom of your driveway and sell lemonade. You're making money, but in order to make that money, you have to go down to the bottom of your driveway and work hours and hours a day to sell lemonade.
This is the equivalent of learning music with sheet music. Yea, you can learn songs, but every time you want to learn a new song, it requiers a lot of practice.
On the other hand...
One day you decide to set up some vending machines to sell the lemonade for you.
It's a big investment up front. You have to save up enough money to buy the vending machines. You have to research the legalities of it. You have to go from location to location asking people if you can set up your machines there. You're not making any money at this point, it's an investment.
But then...
Every day you make money. You sit at home and while you sleep you're machines are up and running making money, day after day.
Almost no work is requiered. You simply go once a week to refill the machines and take out your cash!
This is like playing by ear. With consistant practice, it'll take about 4 months to learn to play by ear. It's an investment.
But once you've learned to play by ear, you'll be learning songs with almost no effort at all! You can learn songs daily. Instead of spending months to learn them.
Are you ready to make this investment in yourself? See what these other Play By Ear Mastery members have said...

Don’t Take My Word For It

"Thanks! This course has really helped me fill out pieces I've been learning from ear"

-Oscar M

" It's much more simple than my more complicated way of trying to memorize an entire song. I can't believe I never thought of it! Thanks for all the videos and tips."

-Sandy D

"Last night I had like a break through and I was so overwhelmed with triumph that I just teared up. I really hope to inspire people one day just like you."

-Katelyn M

Here's Exactly What You'll Get In The
 Play By Ear Mastery Course

  • In-Depth Video Lessons: These'll give you an over-the-shoulder look at exactly how I'm learning a song by ear
  • Incremental Progress Plan: Each Lesson is designed to be incrementally harder than the last one. So you can tear off easily digestable bite sized chuncks and eliminate practice frusteration.
  • PDF Cheat Sheets: So you can access much-needed info (like chords, fingerings, keys, ext) quickly to spend less time looking stuff up and more time moving forward making music!
  • Inveractive Quizzes: Test your knowledge so you can be 100% sure you're ready to move on to the next step.
  • Music Theory Mastery Course: This course comes bundled free! It'll take you all the way from note names to stuff like Improvising, Harmonizing, and Transposition. Similarily, it comes with video lessons, exercises, PDFs, and interactice quizzes and tests.
  • Your Very Own Piano Coach: Still not understanding a lesson? No problem! Simply contact me through the Piano University contact form with your specific question and I'll walk ya through it!

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