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Become a Music Theory Genius...

Music Theory is frusterating. Even mind-numbing sometimes. Guess what? Not anymore...

I'm going to take you "behind the hood" and show you exactly how it works. Step-by-step.

And not only how it works... But how to learn it fast. 

Accelerated learning techniques that'll bust you out of whatever rut you've been in and take you into the fabled Jet Stream of learning (more about the accelerated learning techniques below...)

This video course is the result of 4 years studying music at a university, plus many more years of continual learning. More info below...

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Music Theory Mastery is a one-stop-shop for all the tools you need to slice through music theory as fast as possible. Here are some of the tools that'll make it happen...

“I gave up on music theory, but you reminded me that it is essential to improve. 
Great course, very informative. Thank you, I have learned a lot!”

-Roger S 

Accelerated Learning Techniques

Just like there are practice strategies for learning songs faster (like in my "Supercharrge" book), there are effective strategies for learning Music Theory faster. Things like: Acronyms, flashcards, chunking, analogies, memory hacks mind-mapping...

Just to name a few. These strategies will slice valuble time off your learning curve and boost your daily progress by 2x, 3x, 4x...

Check out the free video lesson below to see what I mean.

Play By Ear Mastery - Bundled Free!

When you combine the mastery of Music Theory with the mastery of Playing By Ear... you'll have an extremely powerful asset. Suddenly pitches you create in your head you can instantly put down on the keyboard. Suddenly learning 100 notes becomes realizing it's just 4 chords. Suddenly "mystical" improvisation becomes just basic chord structure and a series of mallable riffs.

Usually I charge $57 a month for the Play By Ear Mastery course. But it comes bundled free with the Music Theory Mastery course. And it's strucured similarily - with in-depth video lessons, exercises, quizzes, tests, and PDF cheat sheets.

Try a Lesson - Free!

“I want you to know exactly what the lessons are like in this course. So try this one out for free, it's the first lesson of the course on Note Names. You'll be able to see how exactly some of these Accelerated Learning Techniques work. Make sure to click the button below to go to the FULL lesson, not just the video.”

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