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Piano On Steroids

"So how does this all work? And what exactly do I get with Project Captivate?"

There are 4 "ingredients" you need to learn any advanced technique (and most people have a "weak link" which stops them from learning it no matter how much they practice).

1. The Notes
2. The Form/Motion
3. Accelerated Learning Techniques
4. Implementing Into a Song

Project Captivate comes with everything you need to learn these techniques. There are in-depth video lessons that give you an over the shoulder look at exactly what notes to play. Then each lesson also comes with a video on the correct form/motion to use, and there's another one on the Accelerated Learning Techniques to learn them fast. Lastly, there's a lesson on my 7 step proccess to implementing these into an actual song. You'll go under the hood with me as I take a real song from start to finish.

Then there are also PDF cheat sheets, training plans, and printouts to help you learn this stuff even faster. And of course, there's a "Contact Me" page where you can ask me any specific question you have. I want to make sure you get results no matter what.

The "Lego Block Method"

So what is this "Lego Block Method" I keep talking about and how exactly does it work?

Ok, so instead of thinking about a song as one static entity, think of it as a fluid combination of multiple "blocks":

Block 1: Melody
Block 2: Harmony (Left Hand Pattern)
Block 3: Runs and Fills (Arpeggio flares, octave sweeps, trills & tremolos, ext.)
Block 4: Intro/Outro/Transitions

Now instead of learning a song as a whole, you learn each individual block. Then the exciting part:

Once you have a block learned, you can reuse it for other songs.

When you learn a new song, all you have to learn is the melody. Then you can reuse the same harmony, runs, fills, intro, ext. you learned in the last song. And since you already learned blocks 2, 3, and 4,  you need little to no practice to implement them into the next song. So all you have to learn is the melody and you're done!

Project Captivate will teach you all the best "Lego Blocks" and how to learn them fast. So you can practice them and gradually build up your "Toolbox" of runs, fills, left hand patterns, ext.

Then once you've put in that investment into learning the techiuqes, you can start learning song after song with ease.

Scroll below to see exactly what you're going to get out of Project Captivate.

How Long Will It Take To Learn?

Here's how it works. Each technique you want to learn, you only practice 10 minutes a day.

Each technique takes between 1 and 8 weeks to learn (with 10 minutes a day of practice) depending on the difficulty. You can see the breakdown of how long each one takes here.

Then, you add 10 minute "Practice Chunks" to your day. So if you want to learn 2 techniques at a time, you might add one practice chunk at the beginnning of your session and one at the end. Or if you want to learn 4 techniques at a time, you might add one practice chunk right when you wake up, one before your practice session, one after your practice session, and one right before bed.

So its all up to you, how fast you want to learn these. This isn't a "Magical Program" that requires no effort. You get out of it what you put in, it still takes consistant practice. But you'll know everything you're learning with that consistant effort you can use over and over in song after song after song.

Don’t Take My Word For It

"I can't stress enough that Zach's lessons have significantly improved my playing in a short amount of time."

John S

Project Captivate Member Since Sept. 2015

"Zach teaches skills I've never come across through any other teacher. And no matter how I felt as I approached piano practice, watching one or more of Zach's teaching video's changed my attitude completely and made me enthusiastic about practicing and learning new techniques.

Paul C

Project Captivate Member Since Oct. 2015

"It's crazy  when I look back at my level in October and now. It's a great feeling to progress quickly and feel very natural with the piano. Zach undeniably knows what he's doing."

Nhat S

Project Captivate Member Since October 2015

Here's Exactly What You'll Get Inside Project Captivate

  • Burn Up The Ivories - Learn How to play blazing fast arpeggio runs, incredible octave sweeps, captivating trills and tremolos, and more.
  • Learn Songs In 10 Minutes - Learn how to use the "Lego Block Method" to learn songs in hardly any time at all. It's the method all the big YouTube guys use.
  • Eliminate "Practice Frustration" - Learn the 4 key ingredients to learn any new advanced technique - and the weak link most people are missing.
  • Performance Anxiety? Gone. - Learn how using the "Lego Block Method", you'll learn each block so well that playing in front of people will feel like you're playing Mary Had a Little Lamb.
  • Move People To Tears - Learn beautiful, moving left hand patterns. People have personally told me these have moved them to tears.
  • Access To A Personal Piano Coach - That's me. If you ever need help, you can message me with your specific question and I'll give you a personalized answer.
  • In-Depth Video Lessons - You can see a complete list of the lessons and exactly what you'll learn here.Try One For Free - Try the Arpeggio Sweeping Lesson 100% free. Click Here to try it and take Project Captivate for a test drive.
  • Bonus 1: Lightning Fast Piano Scales Ebook - I'm giving away my Amazon Bestselling Ebook on piano scales free with this course. Oh, and I'll throw in the audiobook as well.
  • Bonus 2: Beginner's Technique Booster Course: A full length video lesson course on the fundamentals of piano technique and the Daily Training Plan of exercises to follow.
  • Bonus 3: Advanced Technique Booster Course: An upgrade from the beginners course. Once you complege this course you'll have rock solid piano technique and have that "at home" feeling on the piano.
  • It's 85% Off - That's the biggest discount I give... EVER!

Still Not Sure?

No Worries. Project Captivate Comes With A

60 Day Money-Back Guarantee!

I'm ready to prove everything I claim. Get Project Captivate right now, and see it for yourself within the next 60 DAYS. If the it does not live up to any the claims stated here. I don't want your money, and I'll give back every penny back to you. No hassles and we can still be friends. 100% Money-Back Guaranteed. Oh, and you get to keep the bonus ebook and audiobook even if you cancel.

I look forward to personally guide you in your piano journey.


Zach Evans