The Ultimate Goal Setting Process [PSH]

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Lots of people skip this step. It only takes 3 to 5 minutes once you learn how to do it. And it might be the single most important part of your practice session.


Because it trains your brain to focus on a specific result. To be uber efficient with each second of precious practice time.

There’s been many studies that show writing down goals increases the likelihood they’ll  be achieved. By a lot.

Now there’s a specific way you’re going to want to do this. It’s not the “normal” goal setting process. It gets much more specific. Much more in depth. And it gets results.

But I’ll get into all of that in the video…

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How To Use The 6-Step Goal Setting Process

(note: this video course started out as a book, so that’s why I refer to “the book” sometimes)

Key Points
  • Plan out which sections your going to work on at the beginning of each week
  • Plan out which strategies you’re going to use and follow the plan
  • Record your results
  • Use a Master List to keep track of where each section is in the learning process
  • You can download the free chapter from the “Supercharge Your Piano Practice” book by clicking here.
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Accelerated Learning Techniques

So now you’re probably thinking, “what are these accelerated learning techniques and practice strategies you’re talking about?”

Well… let me give you another lesson for free! Just so you can see the power of these lessons. The next lesson is on the Rhythms Practice Strategy. And it’s one of the most powerful strategies I’ve come across.

I just need you to promise me one thing. Promise me you’ll take the lesson and apply it immediately. If you do, I know you’ll see the results.

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