"Rock-Solid Technique in 10 Minutes a Day...
Use these Essential Technique Booster Exercises to Build Flawless Piano Technique,  Eliminate "Weak Pinkie Syndrome", and Develop the Unshakeable Confidence to Burn Up The Ivories.
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Take a look all the courses you'll get access to when you're a Technique Mastery Member. Plus Some Bonuses...
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Beginner's Technique Mastery Course
From Nothing to Rock Solid Piano Technique

  • I'll walk you step-by-step through the over-the-shoulder video lessons as, day by day, we build you the perfect "Technique Workout Plan."
  • You'll build Finger Strength, Dexterety, Independence, and Coordination through a proven, systematic series of exersices and drills.
  • Eliminate "Weak Pinkie Syndrome", and develop the "Snap Effect", where your fingers feel like they magnetically "snap" to the correct notes. One of the keys to having Unshakeable Confidence.
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Advanced Technique Mastery Course
From Solid Technique... to Next-Level Technique

  • Upgrade your technique even further in the Advanced Course. It'll take each Essential Exercise from the Beginner's course and dial it up a notch.
  • Develop effortless 4-octave scales, smooth advanced Arpeggios, and rapid-octaves technique with the new series of exercises.
  • Once you complete this section of the course, you'll feel perfectly "at home" and confident on the keys, and you'll have the technique foundation to be able to move on to... (see below!)
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Bonus 1: Project Captivate
From Next Level Technique to Captivating Audiences

  • Blazing Fast Arpeggio Runs. Machine Gun Octave Sweeps. Beautiful Left-Hand Patterns. Effortless Trills, Tremelos, Glissandos.....
  • This is the fun part. Go from knowing the fundamentals in the Advanced Technique course, to applying them to actual songs.
  • I'll give you an over the shoulder look at all the techniques you need to go from entertaining audiences... to captivating audeinces. Make those Jaws hit the floor!
  • This course usually goes for $57 on my website. Comes bundled FREE with the Technique Mastery Course.
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Bonus 2: "Lightning Fast Piano Scales"
My Amazon Bestselling Ebook... Comes Bundled Free!

  • The exact step-by-step process I used to take my scales from sloppy and uncoordinated, to playing them all 4 octaves - Fast!
  • Specific Techniques such as the "Quick Thumb" technique and the "Over Under" technqiue to help you master each phase of each scale.
  • PDFs of the correct fingerings for all the major and minor scales.
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Here's What People are Saying about the Technique Mastery Course

"I can't thank you enough for the wonderful results I'm getting . I am sticking to the plan daily and it's beginning to pay off. I hope your other students are doing the same."
-Perry J.

 The technique I liked best was the "quick thumb" technique for scales. I practiced it five times a day for a week, nothing else, and my scale speed went crazy high!  It was really spectacular.
-Neal A.

The easy to understand demonstrations help a lot - to see exactly how it should be done. They help me avoid injury and play with speed.
-Gloria C.

"Not only have I found the finger dexterity and independence drills and techniques to become more comfotable and faster over scales, I've gained a deeper understanding  from a more technical perspective."
-Alyssa A.



Remember, it's only available to the first 80 People who sign up.
After that it's goin back in the Vault!