I get emails all the time from people excited at the progress they’ve made from one of my various courses.

Thought it’d be great to share them with you. Might help motivate or inspire you! I’ve edited down some of the really long ones down so you get the important parts, but every testimonials is 100% real, I didn’t even correct the spelling mistakes (which, I commit on a daily basis 🙂

So without further ado…


“I’ve made more progress in the last week than in a whole semester 30 years ago. With your help, I started at 80-90 bps each hand (couldn’t do hands together) and three days later I was up to 200 bps each hand and 98 bps hands together.  I was utterly amazed that it actually works so quickly!  Aside from your upbeat personality (sheesh, so many others are BORING!!), you do things so much better than most other online instructors.  You provide a substantial amount of free information, which for me personally, gained my trust.  You literally have something for everyone.  Thank you, truly, for that.”

-Sylvia R

“I just came across your courses about a week ago and I have to say I am already seeing incredible improvements in my dexterity and accuracy by practicing scales and arpeggios using your methods. I run the finger gauntlet every time I sit down to practice and it is really working well.  I will likely go through all of your courses over this year.  I Just wanted to shout out and say I appreciate your lessons and techniques.  I’m learning a lot and really getting into it.  Thanks man.”

-Adam G

“I started playing keyboard on and off the last couple of years (mostly off), but I didn’t see much improvements until I started your course. After a month of practicing your given routines, I was able to play a piano piece that I wanted to learn for a long time (Photograph – Arcade Fire. So I have you to thank for that.”

-Raveen G

“I am really learning a lot from your piano course. Thanks so much.  You have a fan and believe it or not, I am a 58 yr old fan. I began studying piano a little over three years ago. Pretty amazing, huh? So, you really can teach an old dog new tricks! Well, that is if the old dog wants to learn them 🙂 This is so fulfilling. My daughter plays the piano and the violin and she plays both very well. We have been playing piano/violin duets!”

-Janie S

“You’ve helped me in so many ways it’s unreal. Just watching your videos, before I even practice what you’ve taught, is a game changer. You’ve opened my eyes to things I never saw before and wouldn’t have realized without you. THANK YOU. You gave me techniques and methods to increase not only my skill on the piano, but my knowledge. And that’s just incredible. You’re an AMAZING teacher. Thank you for everything you’ve done 🙂 I’m forever grateful!!”

-Amy T

“I have signed up and following your course for about a week now. It has completely transformed my love of the piano. I would reluctantly do my daily practices, but the frustration would overcome my enthusiasm. Other online courses have been very disappointing because I just couldn’t get past “the wall” of difficult passages. Now you have taught me how to organize my practice time so I can keep track of my progress. It was clear from your videos that you faced the very same problems that I was having. I had the impression that the super pianists simply had a special talent to overcome the difficulties and I just didn’t have what it takes. But you discovered techniques and patiently demonstrate how to get past the “wall”. Every day I look forward to practicing, knowing that I will finally be able to play those beautiful pieces not only for myself, but in front of my friends. You showed how to divide up my time in just ten minute segments, and make amazing progress in my playing.”

-Charles D

“With your last email I always wanted to say thank you for teaching me how to play piano because when I saw your epic piano video I was inspired to train and be better. I really want to meet you in person,I always dedicated my life to music and I always felt ‘outcast’ by my other friends until I joined band thanks to you I felt ‘unique’ my band teacher offered me a spot for piano! When he first gave me the spot I was scared because I had minimum experience with piano until I found out about PSH and I become the first person in the whole school to play two instrument in the band and jazz band.For the last time THANK YOU so much”

-Jeremy A

“Hi Zach, I just can not believe how far I have come in just the 7 days. It is amazing really. I love the way you teach and cover the most important elements such as why the technique is important and how without that there is no foundation to continue to build on. I have looked at other sites ie: The piano encyclopedia video course although it is OK it does not cover the most important elements to give you the proper foundation like you do. With doing scales for example it just tells you to do them but does not even get into the proper elements such as the basic what fingers should you be using to do the scale. Although financially it in essence would cost less than what you provide, unfortunately you also receive less. I am so glad I somehow stumbled on to your site. Thank You.” 

-Mike L

“I cant’ say how thankful I am to have found your course, and wanted to say thanks for the emails and tips. It’s so awesome to read your stories, and I can totally relate, and I think “yay, it’s not just me!”. I can quickly learn intermediate songs that I play at my church job, but complicated and advanced ones will take me a long, long time. And when I get them so I can play through it all, I then feel like I stop progressing (to get them to a performable point without noticeable errors). I am now learning the last 2 courses in the series, the play by ear course, and the supercharge your practice (I went through the other courses pretty quickly, and it all makes sense). Even with a course tailored to any level, I still get enough out of the course and learn important things that make it very worth it for me. Even if I learn a few things from each course, I’m happy :).  I like your style of teaching, and you seem to have a nice personality, and have a very down-to-earth and easy-going style. And I like that you are a motivated person, and made a good career out of this at a young age (and possibly still in college). Pretty awesome, and I wish I thought of it first! JK :). Thanks again,”

-Mandy G

“You’re piano superhuman program is the best out there, i am just a beginner and I had no hope of learning the piano at the start, through the free trial I have great aspirations for the future with piano after I practice in time. I’ve even bought a new digital piano (Yamaha P-45) recently to replace my old keyboard because it didn’t have features a normal piano would. So thanks again, I look forward to staying with your program!”

-Brock O

“I have always wanted to “Play by Ear” …..since starting lessons with you, I have more fun at the piano now and can play a lot of tunes …..simply by ear. YOU ARE THE GREATEST !!!!!”

-Norman P

“First. Please allow me to thank you for your emails almost on a daily basis. You can’t begin to imagine how needed they have been. I absolutely thank you from the bottom of my heart. And I won’t keep you much longer. Zach. I was born with one hand. I am missing my right hand just below the elbow. A storey there too But “as you say” I’ll tell ya more about that some other time. People are so amazed if they can get me to sit down and play. Some say they wish they could play like I do even though I can’t read sheet music and they can. The ole saying “you can’t miss something you never had” is true with the exception I miss mine every day while seated at the piano.In closing, I wanted to give you my word. I am going to go through this program and do the best I can. I feel good about it. I can just feel it. Thanks so much Zach for allowing me to ramble. Again, you’re amazing…”

-Darren W

“I just want to say WOW you are an incredible teacher and marketing master. I have been playing for over a month now. I saw your videos on youtube and just from your free lessons my playing went from beginner sounding to sexy in just a few days. thank you cant wait to see more. Be safe”

-Hurt P

“I am very pleased to be a part of your Course. I really appreciated your simple approach that I believe will help me to develop my skills to play by ear. Your concept is very clear and applicable. Please send me a e-mail confirmation that my monthly membership of he Play By Ear Mastery Course will be canceled”

-Zvonimir P

“I have to say that you are a genius in efficient study!! For years I have been trying to figure out Intervals, chords and how to improvise, but my piano teachers didn’t really explain that well to me… And now, only two weeks of studying the “music theory” and “play by ear” blocks I think I got it!! Thank you very much, and now I would just need to practice and practice more! I wish more people could benefit from your courses. They really work! With great gratitude,”

-Echo M

“Hi Zach, I am over the top thrilled with your teaching methods and the quick results. Already with just a few minutes of practice am able to play some of your “WOW” techniques. Thanks for sharing them!”

-Jordan B

“I just finished your piano superhuman course last week and I just wanted to thank you for those free lessons! I’ve been wanting to improve at the piano and composition for a long time now, but I’m a mom to three young kids and going back to school or taking piano lessons just hasn’t been an option for me. I’ve purchased some theory books and I’ve been googling things here and there, but I hadn’t been making a whole lot of improvement. And then I came across your secret sauce left hand pattern video on YouTube, which then led me to your site and the free online training videos. It was just what I have been looking and hoping for! I love your style, ambition, energy, and positive attitude and I’m so grateful to you for taking the time to make those videos and for sharing your stories, secrets, education, and talents with the world. You are amazing!
My favorite video was the one on building a song from scratch. I ate up everything you had to say and it is helping me a lot in composing arrangements already. I also purchased your music theory mastery course and your play by ear mastery course and I’m going to start going through those videos tomorrow. I’m so excited to learn more from you. I know I have A LOT to learn, but I already know that if I follow the guidelines you’ve given then eventually, I’ll be a lot better!
Thank you again Zach!”

-Tiffany H

“Dear Zach,just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your mental reminders…especially about just watching videos and not putting in the practice time.That’s a habit that I hope I never will fall into.!! Anyway I really found very useful your post about just dedicating a special time of the day for at least 15 minutes of practice. So, I’ve actually started to incorporate this into my routine of daily things to do.So now,every morning,after I wake up,before I do anything else…I go straight to my piano and start working on some technical stuff.So right now,I’ve gone back to square one, and have recommitted myself to learning all scales,major and minor,3 octaves in all keys…and then eventually building up speed.They say that scale practice is absolutely the best way to improve piano technique!! So I’ve gone back to square one!!And it’s a good thing too,because I’m now realizing how much I’ve forgotten!! Then later on in the day I’ll hit the Stevie Wonder, or a Mozart Piano Sonata.But for now man…it’s about mastering those scales and arpeggios!Anywayz keep sending me those reminders to practice so I don’t get lazy. Anywayz have a great day and thanx for the continued goading me on! I need it and appreciate it!!!!”

-David P

“I’m so excited I found you on YouTube, I can’t wait to start your courses! …. I just have to tell you, I have wanted to learn piano since I was a little girl but my family was poor growing up so I never had the chance to. When I went to college I signed up for a beginner piano course and I fell in love! Believe it or not, learning how to play ‘Hot cross buns’ was like opening Pandora’s box ….long story short, I ended up switching my major to music, I had to enter as a vocal major because I didn’t have a solid instrument, but after that, all I did for 2 years was eat, sleep and dream music, I had no theory background at all and no skills on any instrument but I worked my butt off and eventually was getting straight As in all of my classes including piano minor and key board harmony. I graduated Cum Laude but after graduation I realized that I had no solid piano skills at all. I had spent those two years only learning the sheet music that was put in front of me and I couldn’t even play that any more either! I would be so embarrassed when I was faced with a pier that didn’t even read music let alone go to school for it and they could sit down at the piano and whip up something that sounded way better than what I could do or if I told someone I went to school for music but then couldn’t even play them a song on the piano. I excelled at voice and I’ve had a handful of vocal students over the years but I have always had to work around the piano and use accompaniment tapes and stuff, I don’t know if my students could tell or not but I’ve always been secretly humiliated by it. I started to feel like a huge failure. Not only did I fear my students wanting to learn music with hard piano parts but I also felt like I had failed and now feared the one thing that drew me into music to begin with. Through the years, I have pulled out my piano books, drilled myself with strict practice routines, signed up for private lessons and still was left with very little to show for it other than the knowledge that I had bad form and the inability to overcome years of mental failure. I was about to give up but then I started YouTubing piano improve videos and step by step tutorials thinking that maybe I would be better to just learn left hand patterns that I could ride on instead trying to play what’s written. ….Fake it and stop trying to make it lol. And as I searched, I stumbled on your awesome sauce, AMAZZZING, best left hand pattern ever! video, and not only did you totally crack me up talking about it, but the way you reassure people that what you’re doing is way easier than we think and we can learn it too was so inspiring to me! I went home and learned the pattern using the rhythm approach and actually applied it to a song (Mary had a little lamb lol) cause it’s easy and you mentioned it in your video …it really was a turning point for me. It changed my whole approach to piano, I was so excited I think I actually did cry a little. Like you, I was happy and mad all at the same time. I’ve been struggling and embarrassed for so long and no one could understand it. If anything, I always felt like people looked at me like “didn’t you go to school for this?” and it just added to my shame. When I started listening to you talk about your struggles as a music student I was so relieved to find someone who understands the struggle and has a solution, seriously, if you had been standing in front of me I probably would have tackle hugged you lol. I’ve watched almost all of your YouTube videos and just found your free course online the other week so I signed up for that and now I’m ready to learn more!! I love your goal setting, practice schedule video, I’ve already typed up my own charts and started using them! … two days in lol”

-Sheree G

“I enjoyed both Project Captivate and the Play by Ear Course. Project Captivate was just what I have been looking for quite some time. Since taking Project Captivate, I have a better understanding and some ideas of what to do with the left hand. I’m currently working on “God Bless America” by ear. Zach, you’re quite a talented pianist. You are a lot like David Osborne. You guys use the WHOLE KEYBOARD! Thanks and keep up your great work!”

-Patricia P

“Zach, I wanted to take the time to thank you for taking the time to make these tutorials – I can see a lot of hard work went into your website (which is awesome, by the way!). I was stunned that you are letting people take your course for free. Honestly, I probably wouldn’t have taken the course otherwise, so thanks! Piano is one of my greatest passions and I’m excited to learn what you have to teach. Well, I have lots to do, but I just wanted to let you know you’re an awesome guy for doing everything that you have done. Myself and those who have to listen to me practice are grateful.”


“Here is my story: I’m a 37 years old person who about year ago touch the keyboard for the very first time, and I fall in love in piano. Since then I’m practicing every day, I’m an autodidact and never had a teacher. I’ve reached the point where my practice become chaotic. Beyond a piece I’m working on I started to learn scales, and things that were needed to polish my piece like trills, octaves, cords. Your books helped me a lot. It is not only about making things scheduled, but your tips are really working. I can feel the difference from day to day, week to week. Literally my skills are improving and I can see it my bear eyes. I don’t have to record myself to hear the difference like it was before, your tips and strategies took me to the next level. Thanks for all the tools, I also did my own version of cheat sheet, which is always with me. One note: you will not find there (or perhaps one sentence) the “no looking” strategy, since it’s my default approach. I don’t know how to read notes (I’ve started learning this yesterday :-)), so memorization comes first on my list, but surprisingly I don’t have a problem with this and my first take when I memorize notes, is to learn how to play them with no looking – at least one hand.”

-Roman K

“I hope you’re having a top notch day!! I just wanted to thank you for your courses. I’m really excited to have full access to all your beautiful content!! I discovered the free piano superhuman course a few weeks ago and I absolutely LOVE IT!! I’m really into the accelerated learning strategies and goal setting. The goal sheets have already changed my life. I have made goal sheets for everything I do, and they are SUUHWEEET!! I practice skratch training every day. I also practice body-weight skills daily, hand-balancing and beginner gymnastics/calisthenics. I have goal sheets for both those skills as well now, in addition to the piano goal sheets. So thank you! You da real MVP!! I started practicing piano at the end of august this year. Being that I’m a skratch dj and electronic music producer, my goal with the piano is to be able to write songs incorporating cool melodies and harmonies, and be able to do cool covers/remixes. I figure being able to play by ear will be a super powerful tool for dance music creation. Really excited about that. I’ve been learning theory for most of this year, and I love it!! I get excited about theory. I’m always hungry for more theory!! It’ll be so sweet when I can actually play the stuff I think of. That’s why I need the technique mastery course. It reminds me of a Bob Ross quote, “Once you know the technique, then you can do what you want.” I don’t want to take up too much of your time. I just wanted to reach out and say how happy I am to have found your course early in my development. It really inspired me to practice. Ok enough jabba jaw. Time to practice.”

-Zac S

“Hey Zach, Sorry for the late reply. I read your message and put it into practice asap and forgot to reply. Thank you so much for taking the time out to watch my video and respond. My pace of learning feels a bit slow at times, but im definitely starting to see results! My scales (so far C G and F) are smoothening out! I first saw you play the C scale very smoothly and quickly around a month ago and went “wow! I wish i could do that someday”, and I can already do it a month later! So thank you so much for such a great course and for your help Thanks!”

-Shafiq M

thank you so much for your lessons.I would not have gotten so far without your teaching. I can now play all of me john legend, Chrismas time charlei brown and I have started let it go.  I started palying the piano around june and once I found your class It was ON! .”

-Hurt P

“Your lessons have been a huge benefit for me as a keyboard player. I’m 68, retired, and play keys in two bands (one rock, one country) and at church. The improvement in my scales, arpeggios, and practice habits has been pretty amazing. Everybody I play with has noticed it. I do practice about one to two hours a day, but using your practice methods and instructions have made my practice much more productive. This is in spite of some arthritis which has settled in my hands…but that’s ok and understandable…I’ve been playing professionally since 1962… Just wanted to say how much I appreciate you and your lessons. Thanks!!!”


“Dear Zach, Thank you for this awesome opportunity! I have to tell you my results in just 1 full practice session of mine and this one I am writing to you from as I am super excited! An aside the first full 2 days I suffered massive migraine and chronic illness, all I could do was the note recognition and I felt so poorly that I did horrid at it.  Now, after just one full lesson and the first 2 min of Your first Learn to play by ear lesson that I have now paused and I am still studying: I am playing Amazing Grace by ear for the first time in my entire life! I am beginning to play Heller Op. 47 “25 Studies For the Piano”, and now have hope to also start Edward Grieg “Complete Lyric Pieces” as well as Keith Snell’s “Piano Repertoire Level 6″; Burgmuller’s 25 Progressive Pieces Op. 100 and the Library of Piano Classics Compendium!” In addition, “Shimmering Waterfalls” by Nancy Faber, I completed 8 sections and noticed that the side effect is that memorization is taking place automatically without even consciously trying to memorize! Now I have the techniques and methods to once again tackle Chopin’s “Prelude in C Minor Op. 28”, No. 20. previously given up on for a time and my gut feeling tells me that within a week I will have it completed and possibly memorized- time will tell. I also sense that I can practically sight read the entire Introduction of Bach, Beethoven and Mozart books, by utilizing your techniques. Topping this off on your eartraining video when you told us about hearing intervals the first two or three of Amazing Grace, I stopped the video and played the entire rest of the verse and Chorus, totally by ear as I sang it noticing that my range or home scale that I went to is in A minor. My goal for eartraining now is to add your Secret Sauce to the left hand, replacing some of the three note chords of A minor and C Major and eventually improvise with Your gorgeous Arpeggio Sweeping within four months time, have a beautiful, spiritually-expressive rendition of Amazing Grace ready to perform for our Lord! In addition utilize my ear to improvise the sheet music for “Nadia’ s Theme”, “Jesu, Joy of My Desiring”, “Moon River” and “You Raise Me Up” and playing Christmas Songs by ear! This is amazing- isn’t it? Zach, Thank you a thousand times!  Now, I must get back to finishing my second lesson and then I can run through each of the techniques I have acquired thus far so that I can evaluate today’s practice and set goals for tomorrow as there is so much to do!!!”

-Karen L

“I’m so gonna practice this. I was actually practicing when I read this and YOU’RE 100% CORRECT IN EVERYTHING. I’m so shook by this OMG thank you! You’re honestly the best piano teacher I’ve had. You’ve taught me like things I’m never going to forget man.”

-Anneth T

“Last night, after weeks of perfecting each hand separately, we each took 20 minutes using the added note technique, and both of us could play the first part of the song hands together! My grandma was amazed! She has been playing piano her whole life but couldn’t get her hands to work together on that song. I could tell after last night she was super excited to keep practicing and perfecting it.”

-Erik O

“Hey ! I wanted to thank you for putting me on the way of learning to play by ear, demystifying the difficulty because in fact i already had a good ear, I just didn’t use it ! It took me less than 5 weeks of practicing to be able to recognize every notes without difficulty and to be able to do what you promise at the end of your course : learning song in minutes. At the beginning, when i signed up to your courses, I thought it was exagerated and now i learn 4 songs a week. Continue to put people on the path of ear training, you’re awesome man.”

-Cammile K

“I really just wanna say thank you. I don’t have the money to get your full courses but what I have accessed has helped A LOT. My scales need work and I haven’t even tried arpeggios yet but the secret sauce is simple to be now (if I do it at 45 bpm.) I love the sound of piano and I really don’t mind long practice times but I hate wasting time. I’ve gotten just what I wanted from your program. I’m a 15 year old sophomore in highschool and in my piano class I’m learning the basics through a combination of pieces that have been hand picked by my teacher. It’s really the only class I care about. Thanks!”

-Michael B

“Zach, I must thank you for all the training you have given me. The PSH course helped a great deal, and after I began my technique course, only because it was on sale, my playing dramatically improved. I just played a song that normally would have take a couple of days. All I need to do is speed it up full hands together. Without the arpeggios, chords, and octave training. I would noy have been able to do it. Thank You!”

-Kurgan T

“Oh my god the improvement is real! In just a short ten minutes of practice time I’ve gotten better! THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU ARE THE BEST! Your videos are super helpful. I’ll soon have the piece down pact and it’s no small thanks to you. I hope this isn’t goodbye, thanks again!”

-Michael B